Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Gift Vouchers launched today!!

Quite possibly the least exciting items in the store ..... or are they????

Gift vouchers / certificates (dependent on where you're from) allow the recipient to select their own gift without all the embarrassment of them receiving something they don't like but are too polite to say!!

I include a beautiful card (purchased from one of my etsy team members) - blank so you can write your own personal message.  Each certificate is valid for 2 years from date of issue and comes in denominations of $10, $25 and $50.  Other denominations can be made available.

I have $10 certificates to GIVE AWAY with any order over $30 !!!  Offer ends Sunday March 11th at midnight! 


  1. That's a good deal! Following you from the PCF Team here is mine:

  2. I love offers! Hoping others will too :) Heading over to your blog now!

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