Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Been busy - at last new items!

Life gets in the way of being creative sometimes - but I am back now!

I've really gotten into wire wrapping earrings - I need to be careful otherwise my shop will be full of it!  But I couldn't resist making 2 pairs in very different styles...

The hard part is making the wrapping tidy - being an absolute control freak, this is not a problem for me!

Would love to hear from you and if you like this blog - tell others!!

Spring Collection offer still running ... FREE earrings !! (see previous posts for details)

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Czech fire polished crystal necklace - sparkly!

This necklace will sparkle for many many years due to the high quality crystals used (11 of them!).  Each one hand wire wrapped (my me).
This could be for an evening out to add a bit of glitz or it would be perfect for the bride who likes less is more jewellery and would like to be able to wear it after the big day!

The latest addition to the Spring Collection, there will be a free pair of earrings with this purchase as with any purchase from the spring collection or any necklace from my store!


Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Aquamarine necklace - listed


Here is the gorgeous aquamarine necklace I mentioned yesterday.  The beads are great colours and are all slightly different but complement each other perfectly.

It's sterling silver (chain and clasp) and non tarnish silver plated wire for the wire wrapping and connections.

The latest addition to the Spring Collection, there will be a free pair of earrings with this purchase as with any purchase from the spring collection or any necklace from my store!


Tuesday, 21 February 2012

New necklace in spring collection

I will be a listing a gorgeous one of a kind aquamarine sterling silver necklace tomorrow - I love it!

Stay tuned!

Monday, 20 February 2012

Spring earrings!


Late one tonight - had an 2 orders to fulfil, yeah!

I posted a fresh spring pair of aquamarine earrings today.  These are simple cubes stacked on long headpins - to add interest, I made one strand longer and graduated where the strands start so they are all effectively different lengths.  Not sure where the idea came from - I love the colour and kept picking up these cute beads and then yesterday I knew what to do with them!

They are part of the Spring Collection so qualify for a free pair of earrings upon purchase (for blog and facebook followers).  To buy or see more information about these pretty earrings please visit my etsy site - link after the photo.

Offer is for one free pair of earrings, which I will design as a surprise when an item from the Spring Collection is purchased or any necklace from my shop - happy shopping!

Here they are:

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Spring collection addition - chainmaille bracelet

I was really looking forward to making this piece.  The symmetrical pattern is eye catching, I think due to the floating ring in each section of the design - it is held in place by the other rings but not directly - love it!
It took a while to make as I was watching Twin Peaks at the time!

This piece as part of the Spring Collection qualifies for a pair of matching earrings FREE!  The same offer applies of you buy any necklace from my store for a limited time (offer available to blog and facebook followers).   www.handmadeintoronto.etsy.com

Here's the pic

Back in a day or so with some new stuff!

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Items added to spring collection

Hi again - 2 posts on Saturday, I shall have to watch myself otherwise I may become addicted to blogging !!  It is however snowing outside!

Welcome to my new followers - it's great to have you here.

I was reviewing my listed items and felt a couple of them belonged in the spring collection.  This means they qualify for the complementary earrings for Blog and facebook followers.

Here are the listings:

See you tomorrow!

New bracelet in spring collection


Here is the second item in the spring range.  This pretty bracelet is a variation of the crystal wave bracelet I made earlier with the smoky quartz chips.

For this one, I chose cream pearls and tiny chocolate coloured beads. It takes a while to make as it's basically sewing with beads and for extra strength, it is sewed twice!!

Exclusive offer for blog followers:
Buy anything from the spring collection or any necklace from my store and I will make you a pair of complementing earrings for FREE!

Here's the bracelet:

Here's the store:

If you like aquamarine and sterling silver - check in later as there's some of that coming up!!

Friday, 17 February 2012

There's free stuff for followers!!! :)

It's listed !!



Preview of the spring collection....

Sneek peek at the spring collection !!!

Here is the first item.

Aa promised - there is a special gift for my facebook and blog followers:
Order from the spring collection or any necklace from my store and receive a pair of complementing earrings FREE!!

Be sure to note in the comment box that you are a follower!

Ok - here is the item ....  it will be available to purchase on etsy (link below)  in the next hour - in the spring collection section!!

It is Japanese pearl bar necklace.  The pearls are 7mm and have a two tone effect - fading from creamy glow to copper brown.

New bracelet - I love smoky quartz !


Made this pretty bracelet yesterday - just listed on etsy.

Was a bit tricky to finish the ends as I felt like I needed 3 hands!!  Managed successfully and double backed through bracelet to give extra extra strength.

Getting ready to post the first item from the spring range and my first offer to faithful followers of this blog (come on join - what have you got to lose!!!) and my facebook page.

So here's the bracelet!



Thursday, 16 February 2012

Spring collection update

Been busy working on the spring collection today.

I will share a piece tomorrow ....

Don't forget there will be special offers for my facebook and blog followers!


Spring Collection - getting ready for launch

Ok - so now I need to do some work on the spring collection...

2 goals for the end of February:

1) to reach 100 items in my etsy shop and;

2) Launch my spring range .. including special offers for my facebook and blog followers so keep checking in if you like something for nothing !!!  ..... :)

I like hard work!! Beaded bracelet

So not contented with the hours it took to make the purple version, I decided to make another one!!

Either I'm a sucker for punishment or I find threading beads immensely therapeutic ...


Purple hearts beaded bracelet


This bracelet took   f o r e v e r   to make!!!  

I love purple and had these 3 pink / purple charms which I thought would look great teamed up with these   beads.

It slips over the wrist and is slightly stretchy, but would fit a smaller wrist best.

Sapphire blue swarovski crystal chanimaille bracelet

This delicate chainmaille bracelet is fun and satisfying to make as it's so pretty!

See this and other chainmaille items at: