Monday, 20 February 2012

Spring earrings!


Late one tonight - had an 2 orders to fulfil, yeah!

I posted a fresh spring pair of aquamarine earrings today.  These are simple cubes stacked on long headpins - to add interest, I made one strand longer and graduated where the strands start so they are all effectively different lengths.  Not sure where the idea came from - I love the colour and kept picking up these cute beads and then yesterday I knew what to do with them!

They are part of the Spring Collection so qualify for a free pair of earrings upon purchase (for blog and facebook followers).  To buy or see more information about these pretty earrings please visit my etsy site - link after the photo.

Offer is for one free pair of earrings, which I will design as a surprise when an item from the Spring Collection is purchased or any necklace from my shop - happy shopping!

Here they are:

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